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B Howard Speaks On His Relationship With Michael …?

08/09/2015  · B Howard attends the 2015 BWI Awards; he talks about his new music and keeping Michael Jackson alive.VISIT OUR SITE: http://bit.ly/JOXtRi B Howard who emulat...

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B Howard - Wikipedia?

Howard's similarities to the late pop icon Michael Jackson have been a source of speculation, and in 2014 FilmOn.com claimed to have evidence that proved paternity. The tests were subsequently proven to be inconclusive. In March 2014, singer Akon gave an interview with Larry Kingin which he, as a recording artist who has worked with both Howard and Jackson, claimed to believe Howard was Michael Jackson's …

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Is B Howard Michael Jacksons son? - AskingLot.com?

18/02/2020  · Thereof, is B Howard Michael Jackson's son? The test results are in, and it seems the kid is Michael Jackson's son. According to TMZ, Brandon Howard, a 31-year-old singer who goes by the name "B. Howard's mother, Miki Howard, was a pop singer who toured with MJ and was represented by his father, Joe Jackson. Also, did Miki Howard have a baby by Michael …

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5 Things to know about B. Howard, MJ’s alleged son – SheKnows?

B. Howard claims to be his son, supported by DNA testing - Archyde?

14/05/2021  · 31-year-old American says he has compelling evidence Michael Jackson his father. Brandon Howard is said to have obtained an orthodontic appliance from the singer, who died in 2009, to take the cells necessary for a DNA test. This would prove to be 99.9% positive. This information comes from site American TMZ, specializing in people and generally well informed …

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Miki Howard Speaks Out About Her Son’s Claim That …?

11/03/2014  · R&B singer Miki Howard has finally broken her silence about her son Brandon Howard‘s claim that he’s the son of Michael Jackson. The positive DNA test that Howard provided as proof has been mostly debunked and some are saying the father is Joe Jackson.The Jackson brothers recently spoke out and said there was no truth to that rumor as well.

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